JDB电子以学生的卓越学术水平而自豪. We offer five different honor societies in which students are recognized for their classroom efforts. 申请流程因组而异, with some memberships requiring students to re-submit applications between semesters. Membership in any one of these organizations is considered a notable achievement and worthy of commendation.


The 加州奖学金联合会 seeks to foster high standards of scholarship, 服务, 以及成员的公民权. Accepted students are eligible for a variety of exclusive scholarships at universities across the state and in select colleges nationwide.

才能成为会员, students must initiate an application (applications are available during the first two weeks of each semester) and meet certain criteria:





学生 must re-submit an application at the start of every semester they wish to participate.

在JDB电子大学完成至少四个学期的会员资格后, 至少有一次发生在高中期间, 学生有资格毕业金章. 长者不可追溯申请. 这个学生在毕业典礼上戴着一条金荣誉线, 文凭上盖着金印, 他们的成就将得到认可.


The 全国艺术荣誉学会 (NAHS) was established for "the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown an outstanding ability in art,” to assist student members attaining their highest potential in all forms of art, and to raise awareness of art education throughout the school and community.







and, communicate social and global issues through visual art to their peers and the school.


The 国家荣誉协会 recognizes students with outstanding accomplishments in scholarship, 领导, 和服务. 成员为学校和更大的社区做贡献, 定期参加会议, 项目, 辅导, 和其他活动.

才能成为会员, students must first submit an application which requires a 3.3累积平均绩点, 完成大二第一学期的学习, 还有一份学生信息表. Eligible students will be reviewed and selected by the faculty council.

在完成了至少三个学期的JDB电子学院会员资格之后, 至少有一次发生在高中期间, 学生有资格毕业与NHS的荣誉. 长者不可追溯申请. The student wears a blue cord at graduation ceremonies and will be recognized for their achievement.


The 全国舞蹈艺术荣誉协会™ (NHSDA) is a program of the National 跳舞 Education Organization, 为表彰杰出的艺术价值而创作的, 领导, and academic achievement in students studying dance in public and private schools in K-12 education, 舞蹈工作室, 文化/社区中心, 表演艺术组织, 专上教育. 学生团员因其杰出的艺术价值而受到表彰, 在舞蹈领域的领导和学术成就.


平均成绩至少3分.5 . NHSDA入会及入职;

demonstrate collaborative teamwork, motivation, and 领导 in the many aspects of dance (e.g.、编舞、表演、教学、制作).

Rho Kappa国家社会研究荣誉学会

Rho Kappa国家社会研究荣誉学会 is the only national organization for high school juniors and seniors that recognizes excellence in the field of 社会研究. The mission and purpose of the organization is to promote and recognize academic excellence in social studies among high school students, 以及鼓励兴趣, 的理解, 以及对社会研究的欣赏. 学生的资格由以下准则决定:

Have completed four semesters of 社会研究 and be prepared to complete six full semesters by graduation • 非加权平均成绩至少达到3分.3或更高

非加权平均成绩至少达到3分.5 .社会研究课程


Have completed or are currently enrolled in at least 2 AP level 社会研究 classes at La Salle 大学 Preparatory

Membership in Rho Kappa is initiated by student application during the fall of 初级 year and recertification in the fall of Senior year. 为了保持会员资格,学生必须:

Attend at least two of the four 社会研究 Community Outreach events throughout the school year

Attend at least six of the eight meetings of Rho Kappa throughout the school year


另外, candidates must show participation in activities that demonstrate civic engagement in the local community, while being in good standing as a member of the La Salle 大学 Preparatory community. All members will be formally recognized at La Salle graduation ceremonies by wearing a distinctive blue and white cord.


The 科学全国荣誉学会 recognizes students who have demonstrated proficiency in the pursuit of academic excellence in science. 成员为学校和更大的社区做贡献, 定期参加会议, 项目, 辅导, 和其他活动.

才能成为会员, students must meet certain criteria during their 初级 and Senior years: they must have and maintain at least a 3.0的绩点, successfully complete at least two AP or Honors science courses during their Sophomore, 初级, 和/或大四, 保持3.所有理科课程平均成绩5分, and complete at least 15 hours of 辅导 in science during both their 初级 and Senior year (this can be combined with CSF/NHS 辅导 hours as long as the subject is in science) OR they may actively participate in 科学 Outreach during both their 初级 and Senior year.

After completing all the requirements during their 初级 and Senior years, 学生将以优异成绩毕业. 那个学生穿着紫色的衣服, 绿色, 还有毕业典礼上的金荣誉线, 文凭上盖着金印, 他们的成就将得到认可.


Senior Senators act as an advisory group in matters relevant to student life. 另外, 他们会提出Signum Fidei奖的提名, a prestige which is given to members of the school community who have significantly contributed to the students of La Salle 大学 Preparatory.

资深参议员由校长委任. In order to be considered, students must have demonstrated high academic and 领导 qualities. 这些学生的平均绩点历来是最高的, SAT或ACT考试分数, 和/或过去六个学期最高的GPA.


The Hispanic Honor Society recognizes the high school achievement in Spanish and promotes interest in Hispanic Studies. Members regularly participate in meetings, 服务, 和其他活动.

才能成为会员, 学生必须学习西班牙语3级或更高, 至少有三个学期的西班牙语学习, 你的平均绩点是3.西班牙语专业7岁或以上, 并向他们的西班牙语导师提交一份教师推荐表. Eligible members will attend the Induction Ceremony thereby becoming members in the organization.

维护会员, 学生每学期至少要完成8小时的服务, 至少参加七次学期会议中的五次, 并且高度投入到项目中.

在完成了所有的要求之后, 学生将以卫生与公众服务部的优异成绩毕业. The student wears a red sash at graduation ceremonies and will be recognized for their achievement.


JDB电子夺宝成立于1956年. Today, we are the only truly diverse and co-educational Catholic high school in Pasadena.